Are You An Armchair Activist?

You could say that. But I’m no slacktivist. I’m currently the head of my area in Manchester’s Human Rights hearing sessions where people voice out their concerns regarding the environment, new government policies, people running, etc.

So, Why Focus On Human Rights?

When you’re born poor, you realise that you have less thatn what other people have. No it’s not jealousy, but more of being fair to one another. This also means being fair to the environment and every living creature on this planet. I’m not just focusing on human rights. I’m focusing on existential rights.

Does Any Political Party or Group Satisfy These Things You’re Fighting For?

Not really. Idealistically, there is a party that can cater to that. But like all laws, we know this can be impossible. We might propose something that would benefit all, like saving someone’s beliefs and ideals through a Human Rights Act, but he or she might try to abuse it by influencing others of his or her beliefs the wrong way.

But Isn’t It That Being An Armchair Activist And Having People Act Out On Belief of Human, Animal and Environmental Rights Just Satiating The Feeling You’ve Done Something For Someone Else?

No, not at all. I have passion in me because I was taught to be fair my entire life. That, I clearly understand. I don’t satiate my feelings nor am I urging people to satiate their feelings regarding the situation. I just want people to see the reality and what we can do about it.

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