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Terry Devon. My parents always told me it was a unique name. Terry was a name Westerners like me usually had. However, Devon was not every American or European’s name. Devon was a place in England. I researched about its history and found out Devonshire, where my surname originally came from, had an origin named Dumnonia. It was the homeland of Dumnonii Brittonic Celts. Reading further, many conflicts between Celts and other Anglo-Saxon tribes had happened there.

But I don’t live in Devon. I just love how my history has something to do with the place. However, I don’t want to begin wars over petty things like those three did during their time. I want to be an advocate of peace and through peaceful means, raise awareness about the issues circling our planet.

When they tell you that the United Nations exist and your country protects your freedom and your right to exist as a human person, the foundations of these ideals could be offset by money, influence and power. But there’s the media helping to lubricate things for the masses.

Venezuelan Authorities were accused of using unnecessary force to drive down opposition protesters through beatings, illegal detentions and failure to follow due process. Was it a case of hot-headed policemen or were they told to make an example of individuals? Clearly, Venezuela isn’t the only country where this happens.

If you happen to live in Bahrain as a local or an expatriate, you’ve probably seen the force authorities use when locals organise a protest. It’s disturbing and disappointing. Bahrain has a ‘democratic’ government, one that I wouldn’t believe so myself because Bahraini Monarchs still run the show. Don’t forget that in the Middle East, your ethnic and religious ties are above your nationalistic ideals.

If you found that the last two paragraphs were TLDR, it’s just to say that everday, people are getting the shock treatment. Literally electric shocks from torture, burns and threats of rape, execution or the harming of loved ones. All of these are done by your own government.

Yet none of these surface. Certain authorities placate the media to purge these stories from the public’s eye. But when you finally understand that about hundreds of people are injured and hundreds are also killed, you still wouldn’t act. You’d believe it was too much. It’s unbelievable. Or probably because you’ve seen too much movies to believe in such things.

Believe me, they do exist. If not, then North Korea must not exist.

Sure, the Internet loves feasting on Kim Jong-Un and his delirious government and idealistic beliefs, but everyone turns a blind eye at the human rights abuses, mass executions and power-tripping happening in the country. Tough cookie, you say, but it is horrifying at best.

This blog isn’t just about human rights though. As my surname reminds me of being a Celt and learning how violence solved nothing but only gave some the advantage, I want to fight for every living thing’s rights to live. Not just humans, but also the environment and the unfortunate, by spreading awareness and sharing my opinions through this blog.

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