I know it’s a bit of a downer, but Manchester isn’t the only place we’ve got trouble this year. To be honest, we’ve got loads of problems since January started.

Want to get a head-start? Here are six!

  1. The Syrian Refugee Crisis

It’s been four years since the war between Syrian separatists and regime began. We’ve seen the government or rebels use chemical weapons to kill hundreds of innocent lives including women and children to satisfy their ideals. The conflict has offset more than 3.9 million people including two million children out from their country. Currently, they are seeking asylum in different countries, namely Jordan and Lebanon, where economies are gripped by tough employment and humanitarian issues caused by the influx of refugees.

  1. Nepal Earthquake

Late April 25, buildings toppled and massive avalanches had come down from the Himalayas as Nepalese ran for their lives to escape the disaster. As many as 8 million people had their homes lost and businesses shut down. About 7,000 people have died because of the disaster. NGOs and world governments are helping the Nepalese to recover, providing water, food, household supplies, temporary homes and protection for their children.

  1. Ebola Outbreak

The 2014 Ebola outbreak that hit West Africa had claimed 6,388 lives on December 10, 2014. The World Health Organisation, world governments and international aid agencies had stepped up help to control the spread of the virus. The world is still observing whether the plague had finally stopped. However, NGOs and international medical professionals are also at risk of contracting the disease.

  1. Somalian Drought

In 2014, East Africa had seen great yields in cereal crops. However, more than one million people still need emergency food assistance. Aid agencies are improving food security as looting and hunting down of relief providers have proliferated in the area. Floods are also abound in riverside populations. However, the political instability has ravaged most of the lands, making progress to provide aid and restore the country’s economy impossible.

  1. Central African Republic Violence

Africa has seen the worst of times, but it is far from over. In Central Africa, the republic continues to deal with clashing groups as they spread violent attacks against 4.6 million people. The conflict had displaced 430,000 individuals, many of which travelling to Europe and other countries to seek asylum and refuge.

  1. South Sudan

Violence continues to escalate in South Sudan as 1.91 million people flee their homes because of local fighting. the UN has sent aid and security. However, many are caught in the crossfire. Their economies are still far from recovering as many farming families miss the opportunity to start their planting season. Livestock have been ravaged by opposing factions. Hunger, malnutrition and disease continue to threaten children’s lives.

  1. Islamic State

The rise of splinter Islamic group Islamic State continues to take over much of Iraq as a powerless Iraqi military stands by. Harassment, torture and rape continue to this day. Action from the West and Europe are yet to be decided.